Privacy Policy

General provisions.

This Policy is an official document of the KetraWars Internet resource site, and determines the procedure for processing and protecting information about Users.

Relations related to the collection, storage, distribution and protection of information about users of the Site are governed by this Policy, the User Agreement, other official documents of the Site Administration and the current legislation of Ukraine.

By registering on the Site and using it, the User agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy. If the User disagrees with this Policy, the use of the Site and its services must be immediately terminated.

The Site Administration does not verify the accuracy of the received (collected) information about Users, except when such verification is necessary in order to fulfill the obligations of the Site Administration to the User.

Conditions and purposes of personal data processing.

The Site Administration does not require the provision of personal data, but in cases of voluntary provision by the User, it can store only those personal data that are necessary to provide feedback to the User.

The Site Administration can use the User's personal information for the following purposes:

  • Identification of a party within the framework of agreements and contracts with the Site Administration;
  • Communication with the user, including sending notifications, requests and information regarding the use of the Site, as well as processing requests and applications from the User;
  • Improving the quality of services on the Site, the convenience of the Site, developing new features of the Site;
  • Conducting statistical and other research based on anonymized data.

The Site Administration stores Users' personal information in accordance with internal regulations.

With regard to the User's personal information, its confidentiality is maintained, except in cases where the user voluntarily provides information about himself for general access to an unlimited number of people.

The Site Administration has the right to transfer the User's personal information to third parties in the following cases:

  • The user has agreed to such actions;
  • The transfer is necessary as part of the User's use of the Site;
  • The transfer is provided for by Ukrainian or other applicable legislation within the framework of the procedure established by law;
  • Such a transfer occurs as part of a sale or other transfer of a business (in whole or in part), while the acquirer assumes all obligations to comply with the terms of this Policy in relation to the personal information received by him;
  • In order to ensure the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Site Administration or third parties in cases where the User violates the User Agreement.

When processing personal data of Users, the Site Administration is guided by the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data".

How to put the Policy into effect and change it.

The Policy comes into force from the moment of publication on the Site and is valid indefinitely, until it is replaced by a new Policy.

The current version of the Policy, which is a public document.

The Site Administration has the right to make changes to the Policy. When changes are made, the Site Administration notifies users of this by posting a new version on the Site at a permanent address.

The continued use of the Site by the User after the posting of the Policy in a new edition or the posting of the Policy in a new edition is recognized by the Parties as acceptance of the terms of the Policy by the User in full.

Composition of personal data.

Personal data of Users includes those provided by Users and the minimum required for registration on the Site.


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