A new beginning

The beginning of a new era Interlude x100

Start everything from the beginning

The beginning of a new era Interlude x100

  • August 17
  • 6000 players
  • x100
  • Interlude
  • Enough to play on low rates servers, it's time to come off to the full! Only PvP and craft the most necessary items, without windows and unnecessary fuss.



    What distinguishes us from other servers

    Nontrivial concept

    Of the main game moments

    Base Rates

    • Exp/Sp: x100
    • Adena: x1
    • Drop: x10
    • Spoil: x10
    • Quest: x10
    • Seal Stones: x3
    • Raid Bosses: x1
    • Grand Bosses: x1


    For the first time in the history of the servers Lineage 2 Interlude.

    The Great Olympiad is available to all players, even without the Noblesse status.

    Overlords does not decide

    The outcome of the PvP masses is no longer dependent on the number of Overlords in the clan.

    When using any skills during the Flames of Invincibility, the effect stops!



    Greatest online

    Always super online


    Without wipe

    Why does Ketra live forever

    KetraWars = = guarantee of success

    Unlike competitors, we do not create the appearance of work, and even more, do not throw words to the wind. Our servers have been living for more than 4 years and will live the same amount, because we do not chase change of the wrapper, but change the very essence of the game, adapting it to modern realities, noting the essence.

    While some will downgrade the newest chronicles in order to attract players with visual design of the client and unnecessary starting bonuses to anyone, we conduct large-scale advertising campaigns and support active players and projects.

    Choose you: another fail after loud words or a full and stable game on KetraWars!

    Now playing on the new x100

    But where are you?