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  1. [AlBara] 1st121385
  2. *~.IIAIIA.~* *Cesare118150
  3. *1st^Forces. [M][9I][y]106644
  4. #Get[Over]Here!. Overcome81641
  5. CesareBorgia HisMajesty74555
  6. (~)^Greshnuk^(~)71594
  7. jeka3k .3k MVP62911
  8. [No^Controll]58887
  9. -[.Psyx.]- BPyIIIa dikuxa56733
  10. #[E][V][!][L]#?! 7[Death]---TOP*56500


  1. og*kush OnlySon e6o6o29380
  2. [H]igh[S]kill.24177
  3. #Ephe[D]rine19791
  4. ~:YouMustDie:~19667
  5. #[*~KPAKEH*~]^^ ....19655
  6. DemonHunter_003 18974
  7. [^SexOnTheBeach] GOVNO S DIbMOM18054
  8. ...:IILaH4uk:... I Love my Lena17946
  9. [_]17771
  10. [Lexx]17102
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Vote our sever on HopZone.Net Top L2JBrasil  de Servidores de   Lineage2 Lineage 2 private server
PTS files

To play on our PTS servers, you need to perform several steps:

1. Register now

If you forgot to register

2. Download client

Patched client from torrent

Patched client from Google

Patched client from site


3. Install our game patch

English patch for PTS v91

Changes in the patch on 14.01.2021

- (29.03.2019) fixed macros bug

Included in the patch (Settings> Other):

- Output of change information CP/HP/MP

- Output of information about the passage of spoils

- Output of information about the passage of debuffs

- Character stats

- Changing the transparency of the chat

- Change the transparency of the toolbar

- Nickname in the title window

- Group management buttons

Moved to the list of debuffs:

- Blassing of Noblesse

- Arcana Power

The "Additional Files" folder in the patch:

- Active window

- Anti AGP

- Changing Nickname Fonts (java like)

- Window without frame

- Standard Gamma

- Multicolored glow weapon

- Disable display of spiritshot

4. You can put the add-ons

Patch for clans v4 (More)

Install over the normal patch

Patch for clans v4 +binds

Binding the keys to (1,2,3..Q, W, E..F1, F2, F3)

Ketrawars - it is not an official gaming complex and does not promote the use of the unofficial gaming client Lineage 2 Interlude.

New 100x - April 16Description
New 1x - openedDescription
1200x - works 7 yearsDescription
All servers
Hall of Fame 2021 JAVA

A traditional action for players of our server in which money is paid not to purchased clans, but to ordinary players

  1. BangBangBang 3400

    Reward: 35 000₽

  2. BlackRevenants 3325

    Reward: 25 000₽

  3. Adr 1025

    Reward: 20 000₽

  4. OMOH 250

    Reward: 15 000₽


1. Registration

New Master Account system will allow you to conveniently manage all your accounts. Thanks to the Master Account, you will be able to create an unlimited number of game accounts without re-registration, manage characters on any of your accounts and protect yourself from hacking.

2. Download Updater

Download Updater, drop it into an empty folder, run it, select a platform and click Update. All the necessary files for the game will install themselves.

3. Choose server

[JAVA] New Craft-PvP 100x - big war for one million rubles (~13 000 dollars) without limits server description

[PTS] New 1x - low-rate with slow exping, online 1823 players server description

[JAVA] Endless 1200x - the best among competitors, without wipes for more than 7 years server description

[JAVA] Endless 100x - concept Multicraft, no wipes for more than 6 years server description