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  1. KitanaTakeshi1095
  2. Jin1092
  3. minimalistique925
  4. Tokyo740
  5. SPQR734
  6. Butcher691
  7. ZERG681
  8. Evie609
  9. YouTouchMeTaLala602
  10. MrGamer562


  1. [AlBara]134564
  2. *~.IIAIIA.~*124591
  3. *1st^Forces.106644
  4. Giorgaros88753
  5. #Get[Over]Here!.82920
  6. IDoctorIIIHouseI82239
  7. -[P]syx-79648
  8. CesareBorgia74555
  9. [VGB]-[Rossi]..*74047
  10. (~)^Greshnuk^(~)71594
New x100x1200Old x100PTS x1RM x10RM x3
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New 100x - just openDescription
PvP 1200x - July 1Description
Interlude 7x - July 22Description
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Wall of Glory 2022 JAVA

A traditional action for players of our server in which money is paid not to purchased clans, but to ordinary players

  1. TheCriminals 19100

    Clan leader: -[p]syx-

  2. SuperIority 3900

    Clan leader: [L]ol

  3. Qualitygrp 2825

    Clan leader: Further*Republic

OLD x1200

1. Create account

Register a Master Account in your personal account, it will allow you to create an unlimited number of game accounts without re-registration.

2. Install game

Download the patched Remastered game client and unzip it into an empty folder.

3. Enter in game

Load game with Ketrawars_Updater

If you already have a client, download the new patch.

Download the patch, unzip the files to the game folder (with file replacement).