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  1. [AlBara]143234
  2. [#Giorgaros]*128552
  3. *~.IIAIIA.~*125437
  4. IDoctorIIIHouseI120597
  5. Quardo:Rossi*119905
  6. ~(Delay)~(SABR)~118005
  7. ???????????????112376
  8. -[P]syx-102527
  9. #Over[And]Over.101384
  10. -[Sitapea]-78007


  1. og*kush44955
  2. -KitanaTa[k]eshi32851
  3. #Coin.of.Luck#29476
  4. ~/DJERO*27998
  5. DemonHunter_00325890
  6. [_]25424
  7. ~:YouMustDie:~22210
  8. ~[S]omeday~21046
  9. #[*~KPAKEH*~]^^20654
  10. ...:IILaH4uk:...20446


  1. Voo2755
  2. HaGi6aToPIIIa1765
  3. ChocoPie1461
  4. MadHatter1314
  5. MaKCoHKa1236
  6. Hoost1220
  7. Deks1208
  8. vora1170
  9. BobinRobin1132
  10. ArminOnly1079
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[NEW] Craft-PvP x100Descrtiption
July 19
[NEW] PvP x1200Descrtiption
Interlude x1200Descrtiption
Since 2014
Interlude x100Descrtiption
Since 2016
All servers
Wall of Glory 2023 JAVA

A traditional action for players of our server in which money is paid not to purchased clans, but to ordinary players

  1. TheCriminals3325

    Clan leader: 1111

  2. Lemurs875

    Clan leader: plavnorezkii

  3. SuperIority550

    Clan leader: ACTIVE

NEW x1200

The best Interlude servers x1, x100 and x1200 on Ketrawars

KetraWars is gaming complex presents the most popular and visited Interlude servers. Since 2014, Ketra has taken a leading position in the rankings among interlude servers in world, as well as in foreign tops of Interlude servers. The complex has 3 game worlds that maximally satisfy the needs of all players, starting from a classic server with x1 rates, ending with a crazy PvP server x1200.

1. Create account

Register a Master Account in your personal account, it will allow you to create an unlimited number of game accounts without re-registration.

2. Install game

Download the patched Remastered game client and unzip it into an empty folder.

3. Enter in game

Load game with Ketrawars_Updater

If you already have a client, download the new patch.

Download the patch, unzip the files to the game folder (with file replacement).