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PvP 1200xNEW

Opening: just opened

Server for chill and relaxing. No purchased clans and packs, money promotions and races. The main focus is on the comfort of solo players and natural gameplay.

Remastered 3xPTS

This version of the game combines the best concepts and features of the most popular chronicles. Phase development will allow you to enjoy all the gaming aspects, even those players which did not go beyond the chronicles of Interlude

Interlude 1хPTS

Server successfully started

Classic L2OFF 1x with fast stages and well-thought-out exping mechanics, combining sociality, pvp and pve content.

Endless 1200xJava

1200x is our pride! The legendary project that exists without wipes for more than 7 years. Join the large-scale battles!

Endless 100xJava

KetraWars gives all fans of Java servers his next creation - a New x100 server in the style of Multi-Craft. The innovative concept will keep you in constant tension and equalize the chances of all players, autonomously of their financial situation.

Ketrawars - it is not an official gaming complex and does not promote the use of the unofficial gaming client Lineage 2 Interlude.

New 100x - openedDescription
New 1x - October 1Description
1200x - works 7 yearsDescription
All servers
Hall of Fame 2021 JAVA

A traditional action for players of our server in which money is paid not to purchased clans, but to ordinary players

  1. GlobalWar 10275

    Reward: 25 000₽

  2. Sp1cePITYX 10000

    Reward: 15 000₽

OLD x100